Aloo Baingan

Eggplants – ½ kg, 3-4 nos, cut into medium pieces
Potatoes – 2 medium size, peeled and cubed
Onion – 1 medium size, finely chopped
Tomato – 1 medium size, finely chopped
Ginger – 1 inch piece, peeled and crushed
Garlic – 2-3 cloves, peeled and crushed
Green chilli – 1-2, small, slit into halves
Chilli powder – 1 teaspoon
Turmeric powder – ¼ teaspoon
Cummin powder – 1 teaspoon
Mustard seeds – 1 teaspoon
Salt – 1 teaspoon or as desired
Oil – 1 tablespoon
Coriander leaves – for garnishing

Method: Dice the eggplant and potato into a bowl with cold water (to avoid it turning brown). Pop the mustard seeds up heating the oil in a large pot. Add garlic, ginger, and green chilli and stir for one minute. Add onions and saute until tender. Add tomatoes and fry until oil starts to separate. Add all the spices and fry for 2-3 minutes. Add potatoes and fry for 4-5 minutes. If required add a little water at this time. Add eggplant and fry for 3-4 minutes. Add in 2 cups of water and simmer for approximately 25-30 minutes. When potatoes and eggplants are fully cooked, garnish with coriander leaves. Enjoy! Good side dish for roti, rice, paratha, etc.


Okra Kurma


15 Fresh Okra-Slit them till midway
1 Large Potato- Cut them into thin long pieces
1/2 Red Capsicum- Cut them into thin long pieces
2 Tbsp Groundnut- roasted and pealed
1 Big or 2 Medium onions coarsely chopped
1/2 Cup Frozen/fresh Grated Coconut
1Tbsp Black Sesame seeds
1 tsp Coriander seeds
1 tsp Poppy seeds
1 tsp Ginger-Garlic Paste
3 to 4 Red Chillies
2 Green Chillies
1 tsp Red Chili powder
.5 tsp Turmeric Powder
2Tbsp of Oil
2 Tbsp of Tomato Paste( i used tinned bcoz it gives nice colour. Fresh would do too)


  • Dry roast sesame seeds+ coriander seeds+ red chillies+poppy seeds and set aside
  • Microwave Potato chopped lengthwise( 6 mins should be enough to cook them well) and set them aside.
  • Heat little oil in a kadai and put the okras,Capsicum and little salt and close the lid and set it under medium flame until the okras are completely done and set them aside.
  • In the same kadai put the chopped onions and fry them till transparent then add ginger garlic paste+ tomato paste and fry them for 2 more mins.
  • Now grind the above ingredients along with coconut,green chilies,groundnuts and dry roasted ingredients into smooth paste.
  • Mix in okra’s and potatoes and add about 1/4 cup milk and 1/4 cup water along with salt as per your taste and cook on low flame for another 7 mins.
  • Enjoy it with any kind of roti’s or just mosaranna(curd rice).



1/2 cup Green peas (boiled)
1/2 cup Heavy Cream or Half and half
1 bunch Methi leaves (chopped)
1/2 Cup Tomato Paste- fresh
1/2 tsp Cumin seeds
3 tsp butter
Salt to taste

Roast and Grind to a paste –> 1 Onion +1/2 tsp turmeric powder +3 tsp Milk + 1.5 tsp Cashew nuts + 1/2 tsp red chili powder++ 1tsp Khuskhus(poppy seeds) + 1/2″piece Ginger + 2 peppercorns + 2 Cloves + 1/4″ stick Cinnamon


  • Cook chopped methi in hot boiling water for 7 minutes. Drain and wash well in colander under running water. Keep aside.
  • Heat butter, add cumin seeds . Add tomato paste and fry for 2 mins
  • Add paste and stir fry for 2-3 minutes.
  • Add ground spices. Stir, and add peas, methi leaves and heavy cream.
  • Add all other ingredients. Boil for 2-3 minutes or till gravy thickens. If gravy feels too watery sprinkle a dash of flour and stir. If too thick, add a few tsp. of milk.
  • Serve hot with parathas or rotis.

Methi Fry Recipe

Methi Fry Recipe picture


1). 4 cups chopped fresh fenugreek leaves
2). 1/2 tsp mustard seeds
3). 3 dry red chillies
4). 1 tbsp fresh/frozen coconut
5). 1 tbsp chana dal
6). salt to taste
7). 2 tbsp oil

How to make Methi Fry 

1. Heat oil in a wok. Add mustard seeds.
2. When they splutter add cut red chillies. Saute for few seconds.
3. Now add the chana dal and fry till golden brown.
4. Now add the chopped fenugreek leaves. Sprinkle very little water. Mix it well.
5. Cover and cook for about 5 minutes stirring casually.
6. Now add the coconut and mix it well.
7. Serve hot as a side dish with rice.

1 cup methi leaves(chopped)
3/4 cup toor daal or masoor daal
1/2 cup potato(boiled and cut into cubes)
1/2 cup chopped tomato
1/2 cup chopped onion
1 tea spn mustard seeds
3-4 green chilies
1/2 tea spn coriander powder(optional)
4-5 curry leaves


Cook daal (do not mash it) and keep aside.
Heat oil and add 1/2 tea spoon mustard. When they start popping, add chopped onion. Fry till they become translucent (do not make them brown). Add chillies and grind it into a smooth mixture.
Heat remaining oil and add mustard and curry leaves. Fry for some time and then add chopped tomatoes. Close the lid and cook till the tomatoes are completely cooked and all water is evaporated.
Add methi leaves and cook for 5min. Now add the cooked daal, ground mixture, potatoes and salt. Mix everything and cook for 2-3 min. Add coriander powder, mix well and cook for about 2min again.
Serve hot with chapathi or rice.

Serves : 3
Preparation time : 30min

Palak bhurji

1 bunch spinach
2 tbs oil
4 tsp garlic paste
1 tbs desi ghee
2 tsp ginger paste
2-3 chopped tomatoes
1 tsp cumin powder
1 tsp coriander powder
3 big cubes butter
2 chopped onions
2 tsp red chilli powder
Crushed paneer
4-5 green chillies
Chopped coriander leaves
Thinly sliced ginger pieces

Chop the spinach. Heat oil in a pan, add some garlic paste, spinach and salt and cook for some time.

Heat desi ghee in a pan, add garlic paste, ginger paste and saute. Once the garlic turns brown, add tomatoes, cumin powder and coriander powder. Cook for some more time.

Take butter in pan, add chopped onions and saute. Now add spinach, tomato paste, salt, red chilli powder, paneer, green chillies and coriander leaves. Cook for some time. Garnish with thinly sliced ginger and serve hot.



100 gm wheat flour
100 gm maida
4 tsp black onion seeds
1 tbs desi ghee
Make a dough with wheat flour, maida, salt, black onion seeds, desi ghee and water.

Take small balls and roll to make paranthas. Apply butter and cook on the tawa. Serve hot.