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Carrot cake

Difficulty: Easy Prep Time: 15 mins Cook Time: 15 -20 mins Yield: 9”x9” Cake

1½ cup Grated Carrots
1 cup Flour
¾ tsp Baking Powder
2 Eggs
1 cup Sugar
¾ cup Vegetable Oil
½ tsp Cinamom Powder
¼ tsp Salt


  1. In a bowl add the eggs and the sugar. With an electric beater, beat them till you get a thick, creamy, off-white coloured mixture. It should take you about 3-4 mins.
  2. Now add all the other ingredients into this mixture. Using a ladle mix the batter well.
  3. Take a 9”x9” square baking dish (or any other shape with similar capacity). Apply oil to its sides and bottom.
  4. Cut a butter paper in the size of the baking dish’s size. Grease it baking on both sides with oil and place it in the baking dish.
  5. Pour the cake batter into the baking tray.
  6. For baking in an oven preheat the oven. Then bake the cake at 180 dgree temparature, for about 20-25 minutes till it is done and the cake gets a nice brown colour on the top.
  7. You should keep checking in between, piercing the cake with a toothpick or a fork to see if the cake in done in the center. If nothing sticks to the toothpick, then the cake is done.
  8. You may also micro cook the cake on high for about 10-12 minutes. It should be done by then. For the browning, use the grill-combi option during the last 2-3 minutes.
  9. Cool the cake and then run a knife along the edges.
  10. Turn the cake upsidedown on to a platter, remove the butter paper, slice and serve.

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Chocolate Biscuit Cake



  • Marie Biscuits – 1 Packet
  • Butter – 6 tbsp
  • Castor sugar – 6 tbsp 
  • Drinking Chocolate powder – 2 tbsp
  • Coffee dicoction – 1 cup
  • Nuts & Dryfruits


  • Cream butter and sugar until fluffy. 
  • Blend in the chocolate powder. 
  • Dip four biscuits in coffee dicoction. 
  • Place these biscuits on a flat tray. 
  • Spread a little of the butter, sugar, chocolate mixture evenly on these biscuits. 
  • Add another layer of coffee soaked biscuits. 
  • Repeat the process till all the biscuits are over. 
  • Spread a layer of butter, sugar, chocolate mixture on the last layer of biscuits. 
  • Decorate with nuts or dryfruits.
  • Place the tray in the freezer and freeze for 30 to 45 minutes. 
  • Cut into pieces.

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